After Effects + Illustrator + Photoshop + Logic Pro X


This is my part of the diplomaproject I did with Anna Duong, Larah Schwaiger and Johanna Schlager-Haslauer.

We created a campaign for accessibility for the city of Salzburg. I created an animated awareness video showing that the most simple things can cause trouble for some people and we all need to make sure that we keep that in mind while creating architecture, design, public transportation etc.

I did all the animation, drew the storyboard, made parts of the illustrations, wrote the script and edited the audio.



Starting with the storyboard I had different Ideas switching back and forth for a long time before settling on the final storyboard.

These are some images out of the whole storyboard.

After Effects

Because the ball was a little bit different in each scene I put together a little rig so I can easily animate and change it.

Within the rig I put slider controls on the layer to controll the size, rotation, orientation and stroke width.